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We have employers with job openings throughout the U.S. You can decide which one you want to work for.

Most healthcare professionals (physical and occupational therapists, nurses etc.) seeking employment in other countries usually have no more than one employment opportunity. Often, they are not aware of the many employers needing skilled clinicians in different settings and in many geographies.

In many cases, they will be moved from location to location, without a choice during their tenure with the employer. With kareer, there are many employers providing opportunities in various locations, so the therapist can accept whichever job and location they choose.

Our employers provide full sponsorship / reimbursement programs for credentialing, licensing, exams and visas.

A significant hurdle for internationally educated therapists and other healthcare professionals interested in careers in the U.S. is the cost of all the processes for credentialing their education, taking clinical and English language examinations, obtaining the licenses and a visa to work legally.

These costs can easily be $12,000 to $15,000 and more! kareer removes this hurdle though our complete employer sponsorship program, where all the fees are paid by the employer.

You’ll receive free training for licensing examinations with kareer.

Passing licensing examinations is mandatory for getting a license to practice, as well as for acquiring your H1B visa to the U.S. Often therapists skip training because they cannot afford it. Preparation for licensing examinations such as TOEFL, NPTE, NBCOT is essential.

kareer offers free training, often in the therapists’ home country as well as online training. This is supplemented in many cases by offering therapists our proprietary preparatory test examinations. By passing our examinations, therapists can be confident in their ability to pass the licensing examinations.

Free transportation and settlement help upon arrival at your work destination.

Healthcare professionals relocating to a new country need help making the transition. Most will wonder, “How do I get there? Where will I and my family live? What do I do about transportation to and from work? Where do I shop for food and other necessities? What about houses of worship, driving licenses, or doctors where we can get care?

kareer employers provide free transportation to the location where you will live and work, and also provides services to help you settle quickly and easily into your new environment.

Our Employers offer the same salary, vacation and benefits offered to Employees hired in the U.S.

Healthcare professionals that take positions in the U.S. must enjoy the same standard of living as other professionals with the same skills in the geography where they work. All of our employers are equal opportunity employers and are committed to standards of fair compensation.

You can register on the kareer Network for FREE and become a candidate for kareer employers.

We do not believe that a therapist or any healthcare professional should pay a fee to become a candidate for employment, so that only the few that can afford it can participate. kareer is dedicated to creating an ecosystem where healthcare professionals can find opportunities, have choices and engage with employers without having to pay for it.

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