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Kareer Network is a free platform connecting occupational and physiotherapists to jobs with U.S. healthcare employers, and manages the entire hiring process!

What you get with your free account:

  • Connect with employers who are offering jobs to international clinicians
  • Free training, credentialing, licenses, and travel
  • Same salary and benefits offered to U.S. employees



Why should you sign up?

You can decide

We have employers with job openings in location throughout the US.


Our employers provide full sponsorship / reimbursment programs for credentialing, licensing, exams and visas.

Free Training

Free training for licensing exams.


Free transportation and accommodation to your work location in the US.


US salary, vacation, healthcare and other benefits.

Free registration

You can register for free and become a candidate for US employers that are hiring clinicians.

What our customers are saying about kareer

I have always wanted to pursue a career in the United States, however I realized that it is a very long and expensive process. Kareer sponsored me, and guided me throughout all the necessary steps; credentialing, NPTE, visa, and licensing. Now, I will be working in New Jersey, and I am really happy to have chosen Kareer. It wouldn’t have been possible without such a strong company supporting me.

Sebastian Schuler, Physical Therapist, Spain

“I was always hesitant in pursuing my dream of working in the US as a Physical Therapist because of the long and tedious process and the expenses but I am happy that a colleague referred me to sign up with Kareer! Because of them, the whole process was easy for me and went so smoothly from the start. And here I am fulfilling my dreams, transitioning so well with all of their support and guidance!”

Kathryn Roa, Physical Therapst, Philippines

“I was looking for a nice agency after my contract abroad, then my friend referred me to Compleat. I signed up on their contract without having a second thoughts. After all the assistance that they provided from NPTE through deployment, I am lucky to be assigned in Wilmington, North Carolina as a home health PT pursuing my American dream. Thanks to Compleat I will be having my green card soon.”

Aries Bergado, Physical Therapist, Philippines

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