Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about kareer network

What will be the work settings- facility/clinic/home health?

The setting will depend on the employer that makes you an offer and that you choose to accept.

If I work in a facility, will I be doing home visits too?

Usually, you only work in one setting.

What type of visas do you offer?

Most employers will offer H1B work visas though some may also offer Green cards.

How long will the contract be?

The initial contract is for 3 years.

What will my salary be?

Salary is based on employer and location but is comparable to what therapists with the same experience and skill are offered.

Will my salary be the same for all the 3 years of the contract?

Employers normally do annual reviews and base salary increase on performance.

Do you file a green card?

Your employer may sponsor you for a green card and may require a contract extension to do so. There may be some additional qualifications to qualify for a green card.

Do you have partner /agency in Philippines?

Yes, Petrofil Manpower Services is the agency utilized in the Philippines.

Do you consider a candidate's preference for work location?

Employers have specific geographies where they need employees. You may state your preference to the employer and choose an employer that you find satisfactory.

I have completed the TOEFL/ Type I on my own, will your company reimburse that?

Yes. For the TOEFL, only one test attempt is reimbursable. Reimbursement will be provided when you reach the U.S.

Where will I work (location)?

It depends on the on the job availability of the employer you have signed an employment agreement with.