How does kareer work?

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  • Create an account

    Start the process – tell us about yourself! Our expert staff will review your credentials and guide you on how to be a great candidate for employers.

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  • Become a candidate

    You are on your way! Your credentials are immediately available to all network registered healthcare employers in the US who are hiring great clinicians.

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  • Get hired

    Get a job offer from a US employer and the process starts. We guide you through all the steps until you have concluded your journey to the US.


See how kareer can help you

  • Meet Mary
    Meet Sebastian. He's a physical therapist from Spain who wants to come to the U.S. to work for a great healthcare company, earn a better salary, and improve his life.
  • Meet Mary
    But Sebastian has NO IDEA how to start his journey to America for employment. There are so many fees, forms, tests, qualifications, recruiting firms… UGHH!
  • Meet Mary
    The process is so complex, and he can't afford to pay for it himself. Sebastian needs guidance and educational resources. He also needs a U.S. employer to sponsor his VISA and pay for the trip.
  • Meet Mary
    Then, Sebastian hears about kareer network, the new online network that connects you with U.S. healthcare employers, and manages the entire process until you get hired!
  • Meet Mary
    Sebastian creates his FREE account, goes through the initial screening process, and gets interviewed by the kareer staff. Afterwards, Sebastian is immediately visible to ALL U.S. employers in the kareer network.
  • Meet Mary
    Then, Sebastian is guided step-by-step on how to complete his education, get the proper credentials, obtain his licenses, pass his exams, and book his flight to the U.S.
  • Meet Mary
    After completing these steps, all Sebastian needs to do is wait for his VISA to process, and he's on his way to his dream job as a physical therapist in the U.S.

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